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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Making Your Own Play Kitchen Food

How many of you have children? I am a mother to an adorable 3 year old boy. While we have lots in common with each other, one thing I don't have in common is the toys and shows he is into. He is very much into Transformers, trucks, tools and as of today, DinoSquad (sp). 
 Last Christmas, I was thrilled that we would be giving him a play kitchen! It was something I could relate to...I might have been more excited about it then he was at first but now he loves it and it always becomes part of our playtime together. 

Well if any of you who have kids and a play kitchen might know... the play food that comes in the cute boxes (the mini versions of Betty Crocker Brownies that are identical to what you might have in your pantry among other copy-cat toy versions) quickly get dented, chewed on (yes, that was the fate of ours), labels peeling etc... 

I actually can't believe I didn't consider doing this before, and I am sure some of you are a step ahead of me on this, but for those who have yet to think of it: Tape up your boxes and food items you used and voila! you have new kitchen play food that you didn't pay extra for and if it gets destroyed (which it probably will), throw it away! What is nice about this, the stuff in their kitchen is constantly restocked with "new toys". I have rinsed out seasoning containers, butter tubs, pasta salads, cereals...you get the idea... I even had an old 9x9" pan and wooden spoon I had no use for, it now sits in his kitchen. Old pot holders, dish towels... so many ways to get more out of their toy kitchen. The only thing I don't advise giving them might be egg cartons for risk of e coli or some other bacteria contamination. 

I would love to hear comments of other ideas anyone might have for getting more out of play kitchens, so if you have any other ideas to add to this, please don't be shy ;)  

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