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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Perfect Chicken Seasoning

I ran across this very simple recipe a while back, and let me tell you, IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE...or my cooking at least. It has quickly become the best only way I will cook chicken anymore! Calling this chicken "perfect" is not an exaggeration, it really is perfect. While it will make amazing chicken as-is, it makes any chicken dish you make that much better.

So you know when you come across a recipe that tells you to take a pound of chicken, boil it, cook it over the stove (unseasoned usually), and then proceed with the recipe? Make this instead! All you need is a little extra prep time and you will turn any decent dinner into one that is worth making a second time.

I loved this recipe so much, that I made a spice jar specifically for this chicken seasoning blend to have on hand, so I don't need to dig all the seasonings out to use it. All I did was double or triple the recipe for what I needed for the size of container. 

Regardless how much chicken I am need of, I usually will make the full amount this way. Then whatever I didn't use (even if it is only 2 oz), I will freeze and use on a quesadilla, sandwich, or pizza.

         Perfect Chicken
adapted from The Recipe Crayon Box

 (recipe is enough to fill about half of a standard spice jar)

1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp.. paprika

Mix all the seasonings together in a small bowl, using a funnel, transfer into a clean and dry spice jar. Label and store.

So now that you have this amazing seasoning, what do you do with it? I prefer using thigh meat (juicier), but this works great with chicken breasts too. 

Coat chicken in olive oil, then generously sprinkle over with seasoning (generously, as in you want the chicken to turn a light red-ish color when you mix the spice into the chicken, maybe about 1/2 tbsp). Using your hands to rub the seasoning through out. 

Preheat oven to 350ยบ.

In a cast-iron skillet on your stove top, heat a tbsp of olive oil over medium- high heat. Add chicken (can work in batches if you are making a lot). Cook about 2-3 minutes, flip. Cook 2-3 minutes more (if you had to work in batches, add all the chicken back to the skillet). Transfer to the oven, bake about 15 minutes (I found that 15 minutes is "perfect" for thigh meat, breasts might need to cook a few minutes less or more depending on how thick). Remove from oven, let rest 10 minutes. Shred, chop, or keep it whole, whatever you need this for in your recipe.


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