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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocolate-Dipped PB & Marshmallow Ritz Sandwich Cookies

One of my favorite snacks (that never fails) is crackers w/ creamy peanut butter.... well how about adding some fluffy marshmallow? Then if it couldn't get better then that.....adding some melted milk chocolate!!! The only negative thing I {{might}} say about this easy recipe?  You can not eat just one! Don't believe me? You try...  ;)

Chocolate-Dipped PB & Marshmallow Ritz Sandwich Cookies
                   (adapted from Nabisco.com)

All you need:
an even amount of Ritz crackers
7 oz tub marshmallow fluff
creamy peanut butter
milk or dark chocolate candy coating

Simply spread about 1/8" layer of peanut butter over one half of a ritz, 1/8" layer marshmallow fluff on another half of a ritz. Stick them together. Place on a plate. When you get the desired amount you want made, freeze for about 20 min.

Heat up the candy coating according to package directions. Remove sandwiches from freezer. Dip halfway into chocolate and set over a wax paper-lined plate. Once all have been dipped, freeze about 20 minutes more. 

* I recommend keeping these in the freezer or the fridge, the pb can get messy when it sits out.

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