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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Avoid Creases in Cupcake Liners

Ok so I'm sure most of us have encountered this problem. You have plans to make adorable cupcakes. Everything with the recipe worked out great, and you just bought some super cute liners to go with your adorable cupcakes. Then you start to put the batter in, and the liners crease. Bad enough to make your cups look like Pac-Man's evil brother... Fret no more, I did a little research (since I just had this problem.)
^ Before and After ^
First of all, if you keep your liners in a plastic cup, rather than the bag they came in, they will keep up their shape. I have not tried that myself, but I plan to test it out. Another solution though, which was my only one at the time since I was already in the process of using the liners, is to just do a little snip with your scissors on each liner which will allow the liners to open to the correct size you need. The cut you made will kind of have the liner overlap where it wants to crease. See? Voila! Now your cupcakes will come out nicely too!

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