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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

So before making these, I had planned to take doughnut holes and dip them in candy coating. I had committed to making some sweets for my sisters baby shower  (cupcakes and cake balls)... well I have never made cake balls, and I wanted to play around a little in the kitchen practicing how to use candy coating, but not really up for making the cake part just yet and doughnut holes I figured would some-what resemble the same texture. ANYWAY...(rambling off subject..) ....  It came time to make them and I had invited my friend over to make them with me. We had had just started melting the candy coating, and were getting ready get the doughnuts out of their box, when my friend noticed ANTS crawling all around the doughnuts.....ok, I admit... the box was left open over night....I had to try one, maybe two : / 

Obviously we were wanting something to make either way, and the candy coating would have gotten wasted... So luckily I had a box of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies in my pantry!!! So we decided to take the gamble that this would work, and it did...dangerously beautifully, I might add ;)

Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

1 box Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie mix 
*ingredients called for on brownies 
1-2 bags Wilton Candy Coating Discs (vanilla/confetti)

Bake the brownies as directed, allow to cool until able to handle. Crumble up the brownies in a large bowl. Roll into balls (about 1-1/2 tbsp each). Place onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze about an hour until firm.

 Prepare another cookie sheet or two with wax paper. Melt a package of candy coating as pkg directs. Put the candy coating in a microwaveable dish (I like to use my Pyrex measuring cup). Remove about 4-5  balls from the freezer at a time, they defrost quickly and you will want them to stay firm as you dip them in the candy coating. Take a metal skewer (I use about 4 at a time), stick it into the top of the ball, dip into the candy coating. Lightly tap the skewer on the side of the dish slowly rotating the skewer. Do this to allow excess candy coating drip off. Set it on the wax paper and using another skewer to hold the ball down, gently pull the skewer out the top then dip the tip of the skewer in the candy coating and carefully fill-in over the hole from the skewer. Before moving onto the next ball, sprinkle with pink sugar sprinkles (optional).

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