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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Waste Not

While scrolling Facebook, I came across a post by another food blogger. She was asking her readers what they do with the remaining egg white/egg yolk that a recipe might call for. I for one, always discard the egg white if I am only to use the yolk and vice-versa. Well not anymore! There were some pretty good responses that I would like to share.
1. Feed them to your dog...Ive heard eggs are great for them. It was not specified whether you would cook the egg white or egg yolk first, but I would for good measure.

2. Save it for breakfast the next morning. Obviously if you are only using one egg and already taking a portion of it out for your recipe, then I'm not sure how filling that alone would be. Maybe with some toast, mixed with a little pico de gallo? That sounds like a great way to start my morning!

3. Apparently, you can freeze the yolk/egg white in ice cube trays for another recipe later on. I have not tried this, so I do not know how quick this will thaw or how big of a mess this might make when it comes time to use them.

4. Make a lemon curd. Here is a recipe from Yum Sugar you can try.

5. Save the yolk for french toast the next morning--yum!

6. Use the leftover yolk to make mousse or pudding.

7. Yolks for custard or bread pudding.

8. Cheesecake!

9. Hollaindaise sauce or mayo

There are other types of food you can use them for, but I think you get the idea. So I will leave you with my own suggestion that I was surprised to not see in the comments:
10. Use the yolks for a carbonara pasta sauce ;)

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